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Vol. 3, Iss. 10
June 25, 2014

Chillin’ With One Of The Biggest Insurance Celebrities Of Them All

In a crowded field of insurance mascots there’s Geico’s gecko and then everyone else. Progressive’s Flo, Allstate’s Mayhem Guy and Aflac’s duck – while all very clever -- are just playin’ for second place. So what a thrill it was a couple of weeks back to hang with the granddaddy of insurance mascots, at an event for the wonderful Alex’s Lemonade Stand, to raise money for pediatric cancer. [Alex Scott, the brave little girl whose lemonade stand on her front lawn started it all, lived in my neighborhood. Her family still does. So Alex’s Lemonade Stand is an important part of my community.]

The gecko gave me a bunch of PEZ dispensers. He whispered to me that it helps to be on a PEZ dispenser when trying to meet female geckos. I have a few of these awesome PEZ dispensers sitting here. Ain’t no way you can buy one of these in a store. So if you are a gecko fan, and can’t live without having one of these bad boys, let me know and I’ll send one your way (Act soon. Supplies are limited.)

The gecko and I chatted about some auto policy provisions and he got pretty animated when it came to what qualifies as “use of an auto.” For a lizard hawking auto policies for a long time he sure has a narrow view of what qualifies as “use of an auto.” You would have thought he was a chameleon the way he was trying to turn every auto claim into a CGL claim.




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