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Vol. 6, Iss. 4
April 12, 2017


What To Name An Insurance Company: Insurers Take Every Approach Imaginable



There are a lot of property-casualty insurance companies out there. And when it comes to giving themselves names, they seem to take every approach imaginable. Some companies go the bland route – Accident Insurance Co. Man I hope they didn’t pay a branding consultant for that. Others are as far from bland as you can get, such as Lightening Rod Mutual Insurance Company. Man I hope they didn’t pay a branding consultant for that.

Some insurance companies like animal names. I’d love to see Blue Whale Re Ltd. sue Golden Bear Insurance Company and then a third-party complaint filed against Lion Insurance Company.

I wonder if Balboa Insurance Company and Lewis & Clark LTC RRG, Inc. ever get together and share exploring tips. And do Pilgrim Insurance Company and Plymouth Rock Assurance Company have Thanksgiving dinner together?

Le Mars Insurance Company probably says that its claims service is out of this world. There are insurers that choose names so you have no doubt where they are located. No problem finding San Antonio Reinsurance Company. I wonder if it’s located near Alamo Title Insurance.

Lots of insurance companies seem to like the name Farmers. I’m sure there isn’t too much confusion between those 30 or so companies. Some insurers want to leave no doubt about what they insure. Guess what kind of insurance The Dentists Insurance Company sells. Ok smart guy, try this one – Podiatry Insurance Company of America.

There are many insurers that include the world old in their name. But not Modern USA Insurance Company. There are insurance companies that want you to know that they are strong. Don’t even think about messing with Olympus Insurance Company. The nation’s oldest insurance company might just also have the longest name – Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire, Inc. Wow. That’s a mouthful. Some insurer’s names are just fun to say, like Pymatuning Mutual. And my favorite -- Elephant Auto Insurance Company. I guess they sell their policies for peanuts.

[Principal Source: Best’s Key Rating Guide, Property/Casualty 2016]

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