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Vol. 11 - Issue 1

January 3, 2022


Legolas Is Back: The “Insurance Key Issues” Spokes-cat


Close readers of Coverage Opinions will remember Legolas, introduced last March as the official spokes-cat for the 4th edition of Insurance Key Issues. Legolas, age two, belongs to Zurich’s Carrie Von Hoff. 

It wasn’t easy, but the cat, named for the Lord of the Rings character, and I came to terms on a deal that would make the feline the official spokes-cat for the 5th edition ofKey Issues.  The sticking point was number of years and brand of yarn he would get.   

A resident of Evanston, Illinois, Legolas enjoys sleeping on heating vents, pouncing his brother Gimli, climbing into laundry baskets, and attacking house slippers to get to the insoles.  His favorite toys include a tiny cat sized soccer ball, a mouse-shaped laser pointer, ribbons, and pretty much any toy with a feather.  His favorite meal is canned chicken dinner with gravy.  [Carrie doesn’t like to brag, but Legolas also sings a killer rendition of Memory.]

Despite being the official spokes-cat for the 5th edition ofKey Issues, Legolas says that he prefers the 4th edition.  He says sorry, but he’s finicky.  More about the 5th edition ofKey Issues here:

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