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Vol. 11 - Issue 2

February 28, 2022


Hassett Glasser Attorneys Publish 50-State Guide On Insurance Producers’ Duty to Advise


As someone who has spent about 14 years researching and writing 50-state surveys of various coverage issues, I have an appreciation for anyone who takes that task one.

So I am happy to offer my congratulations to Myles P. Hassett, Jamie A. Glasser and David R. Seidman, of Hassett Glasser in Phoenix, on the publication of their recent updated “Insurer Producers’ Duty to Advise: A Nationwide Guide To The Law Governing Insurance Producers' Obligations to Advise Their Customers.”

Rightly or wrongly, when an insured is denied coverage, a finger is sometimes pointed in the direction of a broker or agent for failing to secure coverage.  At the heart of this issue is the broker’s or agent’s duty to have advised its client on matters of coverage.    

The attorneys from Hassett Glasser have created the go-to resource for addressing this issue.

From Google Books:

“In this newly updated nationwide survey of the law on insurance producers' duty to advise their customers, the authors analyze applicable standards of care and associated liability trends in each of the United States, and in the District of Columbia. Over 30 new decisions have been included since the original survey conducted in 2010, impacting the law in more than half the states. This book summarizes the results of the survey and provides a detailed analysis of the authorities in each jurisdiction in a color-coded, state-by-state appendix.”

To order this valuable resource, visit the firm’s website https://www.hassettglasser.com/duty-to-advise

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