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Vol. 11 - Issue 2

February 28, 2022


Stephen Johnson Speaks To My Temple Law School Students


Thank you to Stephen Johnson, long-time property-casualty expert witness, who Zoomed in, from Atlanta, to my Insurance Law class late last semester.  Stephen spoke to the students about bad faith failure to settle and the seminal  Stowers case from Texas. 

As a former chief claims executive, with decades in the P&C industry, including providing sound claims practices for his staff, Stephen was able to provide significant insight into this high-stakes issue.  While outside counsel can offer much on this issue, Stephen brought a unique C-suite perspective.  His presentation was very well-received by the students.
I told Stephen that it was the only class all semester where all 23 students were present.  He was flattered.  Shhh.  Don’t tell him – the final exam review was scheduled for after his presentation.

Thank you to Stephen for sharing his unique insight into this challenging issue.

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