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Vol. 11 - Issue 3

June 15, 2022


Free Webinars From Coverage Opinions And Free Copy Of Insurance Key Issues


I go through phases with webinars.  I can do five a month for insurer claims departments, and then I burn out and don’t want to think about a webinar for a while.  It’s like fishing.  Once I year I get the bug and can’t wait to go.  And when I’m done, I have no desire to go again until a year later.   

I haven’t done any webinars for a while and decided that it would be nice to get back to them.  I always meet new people and try to make them entertaining.  So, if any insurer claims departments are interested in having me put on any of the following one-hour webinars -- with various CE credits offered (I have to get the specifics on that) -- drop me a note and let’s see if we can put it together.  There is the webinar menu:

  • 50 Item Reservation of Rights Checklist
  • Top 10 Duty to Defend Issues
  • Road Trip Through the CGL Policy
  • ALI Insurance Restatement: Its Impact After the First Four Years


Also, I’ll send a complimentary copy of the 5th edition of Insurance Key Issues to the person who coordinates the program.  There is always someone who sorts out the date and deals with the tech stuff and various miscellaneous issues.  This seems like a thankless job and I want to show my appreciation for whomever takes on this task.




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