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Vol. 11 - Issue 4

August 15, 2022


Insurance And The National Bobble Head Hall Of Fame and Museum   


Earlier this summer, I found myself in Milwaukee.  Needless to say, a stop at The National Bobble Head Hall of Fame and Museum was on my to-do list.  Well, I can cross this one off the bucket list. 

[It was not a family affair, as my wife and daughter had no interest in joining me.  No way. No how.  It’s just as well.  It would have been distracting to hear “can we go now” twenty times.  Also, they would have had no patience when I extended my tour with a Q&A with the museum curator.]

The Bobble Head Hall of Fame features about 7,000 nodding heads, not to mention many thousands more in storage.  There is also a section that looks at the history of bobble heads.  You can’t imagine this sight. And I can’t even describe it.  It is a classic case of you’ve gotta see it to believe it.  It’s kinda like the Louvre – but way more impressive.

Imagine my surprise -- and sheer glee --when I got to the insurance mascot section of the Hall.  Yes!  There was such a thing!

Take a gander at these fabulous insurance wobblers that are on display at the National Bobble Head Hall of Fame and Museum.  If any CO readers have been there, drop me a note and we can swap stories.



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