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Vol. 9 - Issue 8
December 7, 2020


Coverage Opinions: Best Of Christmas Meets Insurance Coverage


Over the years, we here at Coverage Opinions [actually, there’s no “we” here] have taken some fun looks at Christmas through the insurance coverage lens.  Here is a “best of” them. 

Interview With Santa “Clause” On His Insurance Needs

Interview With The Grinch Who Stole Insurance

Court Holds A Mall Santa Liable: Damages Owed For Failure To Deliver A Toy Fire Truck

Tis the Season For Insurance Coverage

Is There Coverage?: Child Gets His Tongue Stuck On A Frozen Pole

And here’s a new, not recycled, Christmas story:

This made me chuckle.  Earlier this year, a New York federal court issued an opinion in Cimato v. State Farm, No. 16-94A (W.D.N.Y. June 29, 2020).  At issue was coverage for a water loss under a homeowner’s policy.  A dispute arose over the contents of the home that had allegedly been damaged. 

The opinion states that, following an EUO, a State Farm investigator visited the insured’s home and photographed its contents, which included certain items that appeared on the insured’s final inventory of losses.  This list is lengthy.  It included such things as a refrigerator, coffee maker, camping lanterns, shelves, a printer and air condition units.  The list is fairly mundane and the items are not out of the ordinary, until you get to Final inventory number 828: Christmas Story The Movie Leg Lamp!

I’ll send a copy of Insurance Key Issues to the first person who can send me a picture of themselves with their cherished Christmas Story Leg Lamp.  Taking you at your word and that you won’t ask your wife’s silly cousin Marty to send you a picture with his leg lamp. 

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