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Vol. 9 - Issue 8
December 7, 2020


Crazy Case: But Not To Coverage Opinions Pen Owners


Well, I’m getting close to finishing sending out Coverage Opinions pens to all who requested one.  It’s been a challenge.  After that, I’ll send them to those who won one as a prize in the “Most Interesting Insurance Man or Woman in the World” contest.  Then I’m done.  And it may be a while before I do this again.  It was a good idea.  Until it wasn’t a good idea. 

But something was reported in the media last week that made me think about CO pen recipients – much as I’ve been trying not to.

Several media outlets had the story of a New York lawyer who went to trial over a temporarily stolen pen and was awarded $2.00 by the jury [$1.00 for damages and $1.00 for attorney’s fees]. 

From the New York Post: “A civil rights lawyer who made a federal case out of a pen got a measly $2 after he sued the city because a cop snatched away his pen. ‘Once upon a time, we urged people not to make too much of real but petty grievances by saying, ‘Don’t make a federal case out of that,’ wrote US District Judge Colleen McMahon of Jeffrey Rothman’s lawsuit. ‘This lawsuit was a violation of that principle writ large.’”

Here is the full Post story:

Who in the world would file suit, and have a jury trial, over a stolen pen (and one that was quickly returned)?  It’s crazy.  Wait, I know.  CO pen owners would do this if their precious writing implement had been taken from them, even if just for a moment.  They know what I’m talking about. 

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