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Vol. 9 - Issue 8
December 7, 2020


A Coverage Opinions Reader Brings Back A Fond Memory: My First Insurance Contest.  No Mickey Mouse Affair


As readers of Coverage Opinions know, I’m a big fan of insurance contests and often give away copies of Insurance Key Issues as prizes.  A long-time Coverage Opinions reader reminded me of one that I did eons ago.  In fact, it was my first-ever contest. And, it even goes back so far that it pre-dates CO.  Before CO I sent emails to insurance folks with write-ups of recent decisions of significance or interest.  It was called “Binding Authority.”  CO is a low-budget operation.  This was a no-budget operation.  But “Binding Authority” was fun to do and led me to aspire to something bigger – which was CO.

Tony Antonico, of Antonico Insurance Consulting in Manchester, NH, sent me this photo.  I had completely forgotten about it.  It was taken at the 2011 West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar at Disneyworld in Anaheim.  The first edition of Insurance Key Issues had just come out and West Coast Casualty bought a copy for each attendee.  I was there to say thank you.

No surprise that the world’s most famous mouse was more interested in checking out Insurance Key Issues than the nearby cheese buffet at the seminar cocktail party.  I was inspired by the photo to have a caption contest, which Tony won with this very clever entry.  Thank you to Tony for bringing back a great memory. 

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